Assorted Eid Box

Celebrate Eid with an Assorted Eid Box. Perfect for sending gifts to cheer up employees and clients. This box includes an assortment of delectable sweets, dates, and chocolates that come in a 4, 9, or 12-partition box. . With a selection of 1 box, 5 box, and 10 box options available, you’ll find something to fit your needs. It also includes an individual box for each type of treat – dates, sweets, and chocolates – so that you can conveniently send them out as individual gifts as well. The gift includes a greeting card with your name for an added touch of personalization.

  • Assorted Sweets Box.
  • Assorted Dates Box.
  • Assorted Chocolates Box.
  • Assorted Combo Box.
  • 4, 9, 12 Partition Boxes Available.
  • Individual Boxes Delivery Available.
  • Eid Greeting Card.
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