We are proud to announce Software Digital as our corporate client. We delivered 18 Ramadan gift baskets for their employees and clients.

The Gift Baskets Includes:

  • Basket with Net packaging & Ribbon
  • Company Card
  • Rooh Afza 800ml
  • Pakola Creme Soda Bottle 500ml
  • Tang Orange Pouch, 375g
  • United King Nimco Mix, 200g
  • 2 Snickers Chocolate 50GM
  • 2 Bounty Chocolate 57GM
  • 2 Mars Chocolate 51 GM
  • 2 Nestle KitKat Chunky Chocolate 38GM
  • 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, The Classic Creamy Taste, 45g
  • Dry Fruits 200g
  • Black Aluminum Bottle with Wooden Cap
  • Contemporary Ramadan Box (3 partition Ajwa Dates 250g (jumbo) Digital Tasbeeh Ghilaf e Kabba Attar)

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Ramadan Gift Basket