Corporate Gifts for Eid 2020

Eid is a festive occasion in personal as well as business arena. Corporate gifts for Eid 2020 continue to be a medium used to maintain healthy business relationships in Pakistan. Sending and receiving Corporate gifts for Eid 2020 remains a common practice. Thus, companies invest time, energy and efforts in procuring the best corporate gifts for eid. The Elegance facilitates this process and provides trendy corporate gifts for eid. 

Regardless of a healthy competition, the business world needs eid gifts for her and eid gifts for him to communicate a message of mutual trust and benefit. The Elegance supplies eid gifts 2020 that are elegant and simple. Corporate clients have the liberty to choose the material of their choice for eid gifts 2020. We make eid gifts 2020 out of porcelain, acrylic, metal, leather, plastic, glass and any other material that the company wishes. 

Eid Giveaway Ideas

To stand out on business events on Eid, organizations play with the eid giveaway ideas. The Elegance provides eid giveaway ideas that give an insight into your brand ideology and philosophy. Corporate clients not only take inspiration from our existing collection but are also given innovative Eid ul adha gift ideas. Our eid ul adha gift ideas range from minimalistic to luxurious ones. We have got the best eid ul adha gift ideas for both female and male executives. 

There is no right or wrong eid ul adha gift. From table ware to office décor, any eid ul adha gift can be made perfect with the right personalization and customization options. Any eid ul adha gift holding your brand’s logo, name, tagline, mission statement and Eid wish can serve the purpose!  

Corporate Gifts for Eid

With stylish corporate gifting in Ramadan, companies shave raised the bar for eid gifts. Corporate clients prefer eid gifts that hold our Arabic heritage but are also innovative. While Islamic eid gifts like oud burners are traditionally circulated, it is also common practice to gift personal items for usage on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha. Muslim community in Pakistan and abroad cherishes giving and receiving eid gifts on corporate events. 

Eid Gifts Baskets

The Elegance ensures that our eid gift baskets whole a mixture of items popular in both Pakistani and international markets. These might include Islamic gifts like tasbihs and generic gift items such as showpieces. This means that an eid gift baskets is a complete package for business’s clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. When corporate clients want to fit multiple eid gift boxes in a single package, The Elegance comes to the rescue. 

Customized Eid Greeting Cards

A grand eid gift box and a single prayer beads gift can be made even more special if accompanied by a greeting card. Eid greeting cards are essentials with Islamic gift sets. Eid ul fitr 2020 greeting cards can be customized for corporate gifts for him and her. A luxury perfume box, a leather gifts set, or a watch box cannot do the talking that a simple eid ul fitr 2020 greeting card can! To highlight the spirit of corporate gifting in your business, eid ul fitr 2019 greeting cards are helpful!

To pitch in your institute’s eid gift ideas or to seek our eid gift ideas, corporate clients are requested to fill in the “Contact Us” form.  The Elegance has a virtually endless collection of corporate gifts. Therefore, do not hesitate in seeking our advisory team for more and more eid gift ideas. We aim to provide eid gifts for her and eid gifts for him that convey a message of positivity and professionalism. 

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