Welcome Gift Boxes and Packages

Corporate clients often come to The Elegance searching the perfect welcome gift boxes for onboarding employees’ orientation ceremony. Since welcome gift bags are gaining popularity in the Pakistani markets, businesses are signing up for innovative welcome gifts. Before checking out the amazing collection of welcome gift baskets that The Elegance offers, companies are encouraged to know the following basics and understand what these impressive packages are.

 When to Giveaway Welcome Gifts?

Companies might have seen a lot of welcome gift packages being circulated in the market. Before pinning down their own order, organizations must know that welcome bags are not just a trend to be followed. This leads to the question regarding when to giveaway welcome hampers? The best times to deploy these welcome gift boxes are orientation days, employee’s induction day or first day at work. Welcome baskets are, in fact, windows into your business portfolio. Thus, corporate clients are provided welcome bag ideas by The Elegance that are transparent enough to give a sneak peek into the brand.  

Importance of Welcome Gift Boxes

The hospitable culture of Pakistan reflects even in workplaces through welcome gifts for employees given by proactive human resource departments. It is no surprise to see fresh recruits being treated with guest bags and eatables. The significance of welcome bag items is not limited to the visuals only. In fact, all designing elements of a welcome box ideas serve some purpose.  Corporate clients are suggested to gift packages, boxes and baskets that contain useful gifts like water bottles, mugs, USBs and power banks that recipients can use on daily basis, both in and out of work.

Usability of Welcome Gift Packages

Just like a welcome chocolate basket, every welcome gift box is a complete package hosting different combinations of gift products. For example, in case of welcome chocolate boxes, the brands and quantities of chocolates can be mixed and matched by the corporate client.  To stand out amongst attractive employers like multinational firms, corporates should arrange and gift well researched welcome gift boxes

Since it holds a plethora of items, a welcome gift box looks wholesome and grand.  The Elegance provides customized welcome box ideas to corporate clients to target their relevant audience in an effective manner. For example, when dealing with IT businesses, representatives advise gift items like mouse, mouse pads and so on. 

Different Types of Welcome Boxes

Pertaining to what sort of welcome hampers should be given, there is no hard and fast rule. The Elegance provides all kinds of welcome goodie bags to corporate clients as per their requirements. From fancy lacy ones to sophisticated business-like ones, all sorts of custom welcome bags are doable from your corporate gifting partner. The corporate culture in Pakistan is such that welcome gift basket ideas are usually about edibles. From sweet delights to official accessories, welcome gift bag ideas of all sorts are entertained. 

Budget Friendly Welcome Bags

Since, companies are always worried about their finances, The Elegance customizes the things to put in welcome bags according to the budgetary requirements. Paper gift products and welcome tote bags are economical options for corporate clients who are on a tight budget. Corporate clients are reminded that the best welcome bags need not be the costliest ones. Such good gestures are light on the pocket and heavy in terms of the impact.  

High-end Welcome Bags Bulk

Luxurious brands can skim the market by portraying a glamorous image of themselves through luxurious welcome gift boxes. Such pricey-looking welcome packages and gift boxes are memorable and motivational. By giving away such a grand welcome, your company might be able to portray a good image to fresh employees who have just passed the rigorous recruitment drive. The greater the corporate client invest in these classy pieces, the greater the return on investment! 

Your corporate gifting partner has successfully accomplished numerous welcome gifting projects including:

  • Welcome packages for Dawlance containing bag, bottle, notebook, mouse, pen and pen holder.
  • Welcome gift boxes for Careem containing lanyard mug, water bottle, notebook, USB and pen.
  • Welcome gift baskets for HUBCO containing stylus pen, USB, T shirt, leather diary and keychain.


Corporate clients are requested to share their requirements and seek quotations for personalized welcome bags. After all, investment in welcome hampers is investment in human capital and future of the organization. 

Additional Services with Welcome Boxes

Why order guest gift bags from The Elegance? Corporate clients are encouraged to make the wise move and order here because The Elegance does not supply mere welcome paper bags. End to end services are provided to corporate clients. Greeting cards with motivational quotes and welcome bag thank you notes can also be added to simple and canvas welcome bags. Not only the welcome bag contents but also the packaging showcases brand colors and logo. 

Since, welcome gift baskets and boxes need to be nicely decorated and packaged, even the wrapping paper is brandedAs part of our business portfolio, advisory solutions are rendered relevant to the client’s business offerings, services and brand personality. Fill the below form to avail our services:

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