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In the contemporary world, business arena has become more competitive than ever before. Price reduction and product development strategies have been exhausted in the aim of achieving customer loyalty and sales growth. Non price factors like corporate gifting and networking have gained significance. To facilitate lasting business relationships, The Elegance advises such corporate giveaways to businesses that complement their actual business offering and generate more sales at peak business times in Pakistan like Eid.

The Elegance is an advisory services provider that provides tailored advice to corporate clients including schools, colleges, universities and other business organizations. Apart from understanding the target audience, our corporate team also gauges the financing.  Companies are provided alternative advices within their intended spending. While simplifying corporate gift sets to address pocket friendliness, focus is also kept on the gender, age and other characteristics of the end users.

Teachers, students and executives are given advising solutions as per their intended purpose and budgetary requirements. Corporate advisers at this end provide advising solutions to help companies and educational institutes achieve the following purposes:

Sales Maximization

Advising solutions at The Elegance are meant to ensure that corporate clients’ investment reflects in sales growth. Most businesses seek an advisor platform that helps them make the most out of peak business times. Philips Pakistan sought The Elegance as an advisor platform during the last Eid ul Azha season. As an innovative advisor platform, The Elegance suggested them a gift set comprising of meat hammer, knives, apron and kitchen gloves. Unlike other advisor platforms that recommend conventional gifts, The Elegance advised gift products which complemented Philip’s actual product which was mince mincer.

Relationship Management

Most advisor platforms in Pakistan do not focus on customer sovereignty while advising alternatives. On the other hand, The Elegance provides professional and   academic advising solutions that are meant to strengthen business networks. For example, when AGP Pharma asked for our advice for women’s day corporate gifting, we advised a package containing makeup pouches, cosmetics and other feminine products. Such well thought and academic advising solutions impress the recipients and strengthens loyalty. 

As part of our advisory services for corporate gifting on Eid, we advised and provided Eid gift boxes to Careem Pakistan containing traditional website apparel, henna, bangles and chocolates. By advising relevant corporate giveaways to corporate clients, The Elegance ensures that only financially viable and commercially attractive ideas are filtered down to the designing stage.

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