Printing Solutions

Once the corporate client has approved the sample designed, the design is ready to be printed.  The Elegance provides durable printing solutions. Before complete bulk orders are branded and printed, our printing team gets a sample of corporate merchandise approved from the corporate client. If the business likes the print quality, printing of the bulk order of stationery and other promotional items is initiated for corporate events and occasions. Various techniques are used to create print solutions. These include:

Digital Printing

As part of our managed print services, digital images are printed onto various promotional products. 


Heat Transfer Printing

Amongst other managed print services, this technique remains popular for thermally printing logo and designs onto apparel.


Ultraviolet Printing

In this technique, web to print process is followed by ultraviolet rays drying out and curing the ink.



Sublimation Printing

Computer printers are used in this technique to transform web to print. Cards, fabrics, plastics and other corporate gifts are printed using this methodology. 

Screen Printing

Under this type, digital print solutions are crafted using meshes and stencils.


Instead of using ink to cast digital print solutions, grooves are cut to create designs.


Thread and yarn are used to craft the design intended. This technique works well for net, sequins and other fabrics. 

Regardless of the methodology used to deliver image print solutions, the quality department at The Elegance ensures that each individual item of the bulk printed order is printed to perfection and finesse. Moreover, it is ensured that the image print solutions correspond to the design intended in the first place. After a rigorous quality control check, the bulk printed order is ready to be handed over to our logistics team so that it can reach to you at the promised date, time and venue!

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