Designing Solutions

Designing solutions refers to the creation of digital designs by a design solution hub

Why choose The Elegance as your Design Solution Hub? 

Choose The Elegance as your design solutions company because of the plethora of experience and market insights that it holds. As a design solutions company, we not only design tangibles but also experiences!  To provide appropriate designing solutions regarding corporate merchandise, your corporate gifting partner needs to research on the market and industry involved. Hence, our designing portfolio encompasses the following:

Designing Products for Corporate Gifting and Souvenirs

Amazing product designing is made possible by the collaborative contribution and consensus of market experts on digital design solutions. Corporate clients are saved from the extra time and energy investment in interacting with a designer to produce digital design solutions. As your corporate gifting partner and design solution hub, The Elegance deals and communicates with top notch designers on your behalf. After meeting with the client and discussing the product specifications, mockups digital adapts are provided for review and feedback.

Designing Posters for Social Media Campaigns

Keeping in consideration all the branding aspects outlined by the corporate client, The Elegance provides graphic design solutions for social media handles and business websites. Since these graphic design solutions are coming from joint brainstorming of professional designers and marketeers, social outreach and brand exposure is guaranteed. Posters are designed via digital design solutions to ensure that a historic social media campaign is put forth. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Designing Company Stationery for Everyday use

Before providing any designing solutions to businesses, The Elegance understands the brand’s personality and marketing mix. Corporate clients are not only given creative ideas but also blueprints to the corporate souvenir or stationery item envisioned. To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, digital graphic design solutions, prototypes and samples are sent for approval.

Event Supplies for Corporate Events

The Elegance is a design solutions company which holds expertise in designing letter heads, flyers, brochures, standees, backdrops, identity cards, business cards and shields. Through immense document designing expertise, our designers can design the solution, which is effective, efficient and visually appealing.

 After we design the solution that the client is satisfied with, printing process is triggered. 

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