Logistics Solutions

After your corporate gifting partner has packaged your dream corporate merchandise, it lands up in our logistics solutions function. Corporate clients need not invest time and energy in transporting the corporate souvenirs to their warehouse, factory, office, corporate event venue or residential mailing addresses of specific stakeholders. As part of our logistics solutions, we deliver corporate gifts to doorsteps, nationwide.

Surprise Delivery to Stakeholders 

The Elegance has such a flexible transportation management in logistics that we also deliver surprise corporate gifts on behalf of corporate clients. This means that companies only must share the mailing addresses of their loyal customers, senior employees and other stakeholders. Our transportation management in logistics team marks birth dates, anniversaries, sampling, launch and other important dates for delivery.

Delivery to Event Venue

Due to extremely punctual freight management, The Elegance delivers event supplies and giveaways to corporate clients directly on their event venue, date and time. This means businesses need not collect their corporate merchandise days before the corporate event. Moreover, the corporate client also saves on the storage cost. Thus just-in-time freight management model work effectively and efficiently.

Delivery to Company Premises

As every corporate client is welcomed to share their logistics problems and solutions, The Elegance also tailors its logistics functions for business needs. Promotional items are delivered to business premises to ensure that the organization can disperse it in the best possible was, creating hype for its original product offering. 

All this flexibility goes onto show that all The Elegance’s services from genuine advising to smart logistics solutions is highly flexible for corporate clients’ convenience and requirements. After relevant advising, creative designing and professional packaging, smart logistics solutions await to serve educational institutes and business organizations. Let your corporate gifting partner act as your logistics solution provider too!

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