Best University Merchandise Available in Pakistan

Best University Merchandise Available in Pakistan

Best University Merchandise Available in Pakistan

Universities are not mere educational institutes. Pakistanis own their university campuses like their second home. We not only develop emotional attachment with the campus, faculty, university students but we also wish to be the flag bearers of the brand that has given us so many lifelong memories. To flaunt your university in style, here are a few university souvenirs that students, teachers, graduates, undergraduates and alumnus can get hold of. 

Hoodies, Jackets and Sweatshirts for Orientation Week:

LUMsians, isn’t it pretty cold out there? Well, sometimes a trendy LUMS hoodie is all that you need to get beautiful snaps on campus! They not only show how proud you are of your uni but also keep you cozy during the winters. Also, marketing is completely a business school thing! Hoodies, jackets and sweatshirts for Orientation Week

T-shirts, Notebooks and Coat Pins as Gifts for Graduating Students:

IBAians, isn’t graduation week the best time of your life? These T shirts not only show unity of the student body but its design can also be customized in bulk for the countless events at IBA. Later on, these T shirts become your go-to for everyday use!T shirts and Trousers as gifts for graduating students

Mugs for Freshmen:

IUians, isn’t caffeine your survival pack for university? Time management is the first lesson for freshmen. Simply order online and get IU merch delivered to campus. Mugs are artistic as well as useful penholders. The quality is hands down!  Mugs for freshmen

Caps for Batch Photos:

Bahrians, aren’t batch photos a tradition? Caps will add to your overall university apparel and will keep you cool throughout sunny days. University’s logo printed or embroidered on the cap will help you brag about your university. Caps for batch photos

Notebooks for Teachers:

Respected teachers at Karachi University, aren’t notebooks one of your few essentials? Notebooks help you stay organized and sorted, amongst the trillions of things on yours to do list! KU spiral notebooks are professional and elegant. Notebooks for teachers

Keychains for Professors:

Honorable faculty members at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, don’t you drive your cars to campus? Keychains are the most graceful items so far. They take care of your keys while you embark the key to success to the students!Keychains for Professors

Leather Wallets and Folders for ex-students of Kinnaird:

Ex-students of Kinnaird, aren’t you busy in the corporate world? Well, our university merchandise list is so long that we have merch that can also be useful in your work life. Pair up this economical duo!Leather Wallets and Folders for ex-students of Kinnaird

Pens, USB and Badges for University alumni: 

Alumni of Comsats, aren’t you wearing coats on farewell? Well, Pens, Coat Pins, USB and Badges are classy options that will help you stand out in the crowd! Pens, Coat Pins and Badges for University alumniStudents from Indus Valley School, Habib University, DHA Suffa, Ilms, Szabist, Ziauddin, Indus University, NED or literally any other university, simply throw us a call at 0334 3502268 for custom made university apparel. If you would like us to add any other University in Pakistan to our list, comment below!  
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