Mango Marvels Basket

The Mango Marvels Basket is a personalized and delectable gifting option that combines the tropical sweetness of mangoes with a customizable mug and an assortment of delicious edibles that complement the mango theme.
The Mango Gift Basket Includes :

  • 5 Sindhri mangoes
  • Customized Mug with your company logo
  • Lay’s Salted Potato Chips, 14g
  • Nutro Vanilla Wafer 75gm
  • Slice Fruit Drink Mango Tetra 200ml
  • 2 Toblerone Chocolate bar 35g

🥭 3.5 Kg Basket with farm fresh mangoes and other products
📦 Premium Basket with your Company Branding
🚚 Delivery Services Available

  • Bulk delivery at office address
  • Doorstep delivery at home on Individual addresses

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