Five Tips to Motivate Employees during Lockdown

Five Tips to Motivate Employees During Lockdown

Everyone around the globe has been suffering during this pandemic. Be it a businessman or an employee, everyone has been hit by the virus pretty badly. Due to the new SOPs and the regulations to practice social distancing, companies have introduced work from home policies. While the pandemic has affected economies at large, being in home arrest has a huge impact on performances as well.

Here are some ways to motivate employees for better performances:

Assign Tasks in Teams and Groups during lockdown1· Assign Tasks in Teams and Groups:

To increase employee motivation during pandemic, we need to change the way of working as well. We can assign tasks in teams and groups instead of assigning it to one person only. This will help them communicate more and ultimately have a good impact on performance. This is one of the best ways for employee motivation during pandemic.

2· Online Contests:Online Contest during lockdown

One of the nicest ways for motivating employees during COVID is to introduce an online contest during lockdown for employees. You could introduce a business game or some other contests online to increase employee interaction and engagement. This healthy competition among employees will definitely push them to work harder and will keep them driven. This is a very nice and easy way to increase employee motivation during pandemic. To encourage employees more, you can also send them a customized gift set.

Rewards and Recognition during lockdown3· Rewards and Recognition:

Assign daily and weekly tasks and set rewards for each task completion. Rewards for employees to motivate them during pandemic is very much needed. You can announce the rewards in the online meetings and praise your employees in front of the entire team. One of the top methods of motivating employees in an organization is to give rewards. Appreciation in front of the entire organization will give them confidence to strive for better. Based on performances, you can also announce employee of the month and give rewards. To give employees a sense of recognition, you can provide them with a certificate which you can order from The Elegance. The Elegance will deliver it to your employees.

4· Fun Meetings:Fun Meeting during lockdown

Since everyone is bound to practice social distancing, so there could be no physical working lunches, dinners or parties. Fun activities during lockdown for employees should be your HR department’s priority for employee motivation during pandemic. You can set a time and have lunch together over video call. Or you can also play different games online together.

5· Online Learning:

Most employees do not get time to learn any new course due to a hectic working house. Many of your employees might be interested in learning new skills or getting certifications. To increase motivation in the workplace you should help them in learning new skills. You can sign a contract with a teaching institution to help your employees or offer workshops by senior management from within the company.

To be honest, we still do not know what the future might look like post pandemic but it has definitely changed the dynamics of all organizations. In order for us to survive this pressure test, it is essential for us to keep motivating employees during COVID. Human resources are our most important asset which is why we have to find ways to keep the spirits of our employees uplifted. Check more ideas for employees.