Importance of Welcome Gifts for Employees

Importance of Welcome Gifts for Employees

New hiring & boarding gifts

I felt so valued and appreciated today. Today was my first day at a company that considers expressions of sentiments. My supervisor welcomed me with a warm handshake and a welcome gift. It was a pack of customised stationery from my company. They have conveyed me the company’s message through this memorable gift. I am so motivated to contribute to this organisation.

Sales In charge, Mr. Asad Akbar

New employees welcome gift

Annual performance appraisals

As I walked into my cubicle today, a welcome gift was placed on the desk saying “Employee of the year”. I really can’t thank God enough for making me part of a corporation that offers more than pay checks. I am so pushed to bring happier customers and repeated business for this corporation. This customised mug will remind me that my employers keep a track of my anniversary, birthday, promotions and what-not!

Customer Representative, Faraz Mir

appraisal for employees

Religious and national events

While I was busy laying down eatables on platters for the Iftar drive, our organisation was considerate enough to gift me an embroidered cap as welcome gift. They have given me a head start on this journey of social services. Not only is it a shade in scorching sun but also a flag bearer for our cause. I am feeling so proud and humbled, simultaneously.

Volunteer, Maria Rao

ramadan and eid gifts for employees ideas

Firm’s Birthday

I was so pleasantly surprised when I entered my office today and saw it decorated with balloons. A customised wall clock was presented to me as a welcome gift. It felt like we have nurtured this business from birth till day.  We had witnessed it grow from scratch to an empire. Literally, felt like a proud father while that clock ticked away!

Marketing Manager, Fahad Abbas

Induction Training sessions

Glad my company is not turning me into a machine on this on-the-job training session. They are improving my speed but treating me like a family member. Today, I was warmly welcomed with a training session kit that had so many goodies. I was also presented a “Welcome to the team” card during the meet and greet session.  Feels like I just landed in the right institute.

Teacher, Shagufta Aftab

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