Corporate Gifting Ideas for Ramadan

corporate-gifting-ideas-ramadan for clients and employees in Pakistan

Corporate Gifting Ideas for Ramadan

During Ramadan, workplace routine is altered. Not only our personal schedule changes, but also our professional lives gear up to squeeze all tasks during the shortened working hours. However, a compromise on gifting to employees, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders is unacceptable. Ramadan is the time to gift generously. Let The Elegance tell you that much more can be gifted than just dates!

What do we offer for corporate gifting in Ramadan?

The Elegance can provide almost anything you can ask for. We can provide dates, dry fruits, traditional sweets, mouth-watering chocolates, prayer mats, customized boxes, customized Ramadan cards and much more. Our product range also includes customized key chains, T-shirts, lamps. Mobile covers, notebooks, watches, cufflinks, magic mugs, magic pillows etc. Your organisation can simply provide us the text, tag lines, messages, quotes, images, or logo that needs to be printed on the packaging or gift. Refill the motivation bars of staff by these beautiful and rewarding gestures.

Why is Corporate Gifting important in Ramadan?

No matter how much cost cutting your institute does throughout the year, Ramadan is holy month in which actions are rewarded manifold. Corporate gifting in Ramadan is as important as personal gifting. Office staff is also like family because so much time is spent with them. Avail this opportunity to tie knots with them through a bouquet, gift basket, chocolate basket or a customized gift box. Recipients will be overjoyed with this little surprise during their usual workday.

corporate gift ideas ramadan dates

Ramadan Specialties

Although, The Elegance can customize both the packaging and contents of your gift box according to your wishes and budget, here are a few ideas from our side:

  • Dates – Dates are to Ramadan what files are to briefcases. Dates are a healthy and relevant gift option. They will morally and physically boost the morale of your subordinates. Quality and quantity will meet your demands.
  • Personalized Magic Mug – Your clientele will be dazzled to receive such a considerate gift. Light up their sehris and iftaaris with this token of recognition. Let the word of mouth do the marketing for you!
  • Chocolate bouquets – Chocolates work on everyone. Retain your valued employees and loyal customer base by presenting a charming arrangement of premium quality chocolates. Careem did that and was enthralled by the response. It’s your turn, now!

Get Ramadan Gift Ideas for Friends Family | Get Ramadan Gift Ideas for Employees & Customers

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