Corporate Meaningful Presents vs Corporate Branded Presents

What works better in Pakistani markets? - Corporate meaningful presents vs corporate branded presents

What works better in Pakistani markets? – Corporate Meaningful Presents vs Corporate Branded Presents

“A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” ― Seneca
What works better in Pakistani markets? - Corporate meaningful presents vs corporate branded presentsBusiness relationships can be strengthened through meaningful gestures like corporate gifting. All corporate gifting partners bear the responsibility of advising you on various kinds of gifts after weighing their pros and cons. Here we have compared meaningful gifts and branded gifts for corporate clients. This blog is aimed at ending companies’ dilemma regarding whether they should gift meaningful presents or branded ones.

Are meaningful gift ideas more purposeful?Are meaningful gift ideas more purposeful?

While many businesses feel that giving the costliest corporate souvenir is good for their reputation, cheap meaningful gifts like motivational books are declared the winner through studies. The audience might have loved the branded corporate gifts like digital table clocks and mobile accessories, but small meaningful gifts are more flexible to customization to your organization’s logo, theme colors and slogan. A targeted stakeholder will find a branded gift to be very predictable. Indeed, most meaningful gifts can please the recipients and serve promotional goals simultaneously.

Do small meaningful gifts bust the “bigger the better” myth?Do small meaningful gifts bust the “bigger the better” myth?

With regards to corporate gifting, size does not matter. While a branded gift seems to be more prominent, best meaningful gifts are more expressive of organizational ideology. Instead of going big in size and heavy on pockets, a meaningful gift appeals professional through usability. For example, a flashy branded gift will look very unprofessional to your boss. Meaningful gifts for boss like perfumes and pen holders are more practical and cost-efficient alternatives.

Do small meaningful gifts bust the “bigger the better” myth?

Do meaningful gifts satisfy picky audiences?

Executives have a unique taste.  Picky stakeholders’ value special sentimental gifts more than they value branded gifts. Simple gift cards and really meaningful gifts are fail-proof options when dealing with choosy investors. With your business reputation at stake, you cannot afford to make guesses about which brand would your corporate client prefer. In such circumstances, corporate gifting unique and deep meaningful gifts is the safest option.

How are most meaningful gifts experiential?

How are most meaningful gifts experiential?Successful memorable corporate gifting experience is all about getting your brand remembered by putting forth a memorable experience. Branded gifts might steal the limelight away from your young brand while cheap and meaningful gifts creatively bring your company’s logo under the spotlight! Personalised meaningful gifts like eatables, keyrings and mugs become part of the recipient’s life. Unlike branded gifts, such unique meaningful gifts can create a wholesome experience associated to your institute in the hearts and minds of your company’s employees, shareholders, customers and target market.So, clearly in this competition between branded and meaningful gifts, personalized meaningful gifts stand victorious. The Elegance suggests corporate clients to not give away branded gifts that every Pakistani business is giving away. Resort to meaningful sympathy gifts as they build a lasting emotional association towards your organization. For example, retiring employees will cherish receiving meaningful thank you gifts on their farewell instead of a pricey branded gut. Check out our corporate blog to find more ideas relating to little meaningful gifts suitable for various corporate events and corporate gifting occasions!
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