Sweet Delight Box

Have a look at our Sweet Delight Box. Perfect for sending gifts to cheer up employees and clients. This box includes an assortment of delectable sweets, dates, and chocolates that come in a 4, 9, or 12-partition box. . With a selection of 1 box, 5 box, and 10 box options available, you’ll find something to fit your needs. It also includes an individual box for each type of treat – dates, sweets, and chocolates – so that you can conveniently send them out as individual gifts as well. The gift includes a greeting card with your name for an added touch of personalization.

  • Sweets Box.
  • Dates Box.
  • Chocolates Box.
  • Combo Box.
  • 4, 9, 12 Partition Boxes Available.
  • Individual Boxes Delivery Available.
  • Eid Greeting Card.
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